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We are excited to announce an The Sean Webster Band at The Bourne Music Club on Thursday 11th February. Tickets are £15 each and due to cover restrictions are limited so are expected to sell out. A young Sean Webster's life dramatically changed when a friend introduced him to the likes of the music by the blues greats. The three Kings, Albert, BB, and Freddy, as well Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Gary Moore and the primary reason for Sean playing the guitar, the legendary Eric Clapton. Sean's passion for guitar and his dedication to music since has continued to grow to an almost fevered obsession. That thirst for music has led to the creation of six studio albums and taken Webster on a touring life across America and Europe taking in many of the Blues-Rock scenes leading venues and festivals. Webster's instantly recognisable voice coupled with his heartfelt melodic guitar playing has become the feature on all his album releases. Both Webster's blues-inflected guitar licks and weathered soul shouter vocals are always passionately sung across tightly arranged songs. Music News had this to say about Webster's talents. "I haven't heard anyone with a voice like Sean Webster; it's a wonder that he isn't being hailed as a Blues superstar." Webster has never been one for following the latest trend, never bowing to blues purism standards. His heart is worn firmly on his sleeve, personal trials released in the form of song that creates his connection with his audience. A strong blues vein runs through Webster's original music, done so without sacrificing the need to retain a modern approach and sound. Thus creating such a likeable and listenable performer, deserved of repeat listens. Which brings us to the latest release 'Three Nights Live'. Every artist needs a definitive live album in their catalogue. Where the stars align, the right audience is present to inspire the performers, the right set of songs, the chemistry of the band members firing on all cylinders. 'Three Nights Live' is the culmination of those factors for Sean Webster and his band. Recorded over three nights in March 2019 'Three Nights Live' sees Sean and his fantastic band play their way through some of his excellent original material. Many of the songs performed taken from the critically acclaimed albums 'Leave Your Heart At The Door' and 'See It Through'. This live album would not be complete without a handful of Sean's exceptional cover performances. 'Three Nights Live' includes John Mayers' Slow Dancing In A Burning Room' and 'Til Summer Comes Around' by Keith Urban. Both beautiful renditions that showcase his incredible voice, an instrument capable of both power and delicate emotional expression. Sean's band following their band-leader through these songs and the rest of the performances with almost telepathic ability. To capture this audio lightning in a bottle, Sean enlisted the recording expertise of Superfly Studios and its resident engineer Andy Banfield. For the mix and mastering role, Webster called upon the award-winning 'House Of Tone's Wayne Proctor. From the opening count-in of 'Give Me The Truth' through to the final audience response of last track, 'You Got To Know' the listener is hooked and taken on many an emotional journey. The audience in attendance on those three nights knew they were listening to something truly exceptional. The performances were captured in all their glory, just as Webster intended; with himself and band playing their hearts out. Since the release of his debut album through to this latest live album, Sean Webster has built a solid reputation as one of the best live performers and singers of the modern blues-rock scene.

  • Date: 11/02/2021 07:00 PM
  • Location The Appleyard, Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne ME10 4DE, UK (Map)

Price: £15