Dom Martin releases new single 'Belfast Blues' ahead of highly anticipated album 'Buried In The Hail

Dom Martin, the critically acclaimed blues-rock artist, has just released his latest single 'Belfast Blues' and it's an absolute masterpiece !!!

'Belfast Blues' is a powerful and emotive song that showcases Dom's talents as a vocalist, a guitarist and a songwriter. With his signature gritty and soulful vocals, and his awesome guitar skills, Dom delivers a raw and heartfelt performance on this track. 

The song seamlessly blends blues, rock, and folk elements, creating a unique sound that is unmistakably Dom Martin. Fans of his previous work will not be disappointed, as his new single is a brilliant testament to his growth as an artist. 'Belfast Blues' is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates authentic and heartfelt music.

Set to debut on 22nd September, Dom's highly anticipated album 'Buried In The Hail promises to be a powerful and introspective collection of songs that showcase his growth as an artist.

Throughout his career, Dom Martin has garnered a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim for his music. With the release of 'Belfast Blues' and the upcoming album 'Buried In The Hail', Dom is set to reach even greater heights in the music industry.

"Dom Martin has the sound and the skills and the look to become a real major artist. ‘Buried In The Hail’ could be the album to catapult him to headliner status.” - Music News, Rating: 5/5

Absolutely marvellous." 

– Powerplay, Rating: 10/10

"This modern horse opera combines the chrome mentality of a renegade biker with the buckskin-tinged mindset of a lonesome six-gun hillbilly.”

– Raw Ramp

“Dom Martin is the next rising star in the global roots music scene.”

– Rock and Blues Muse

We are massively excited for Dom Martin's upcoming tour and highly excited to hear these new tracks live when Dom performs in Sittingbourne on 14th October as part of this year's international blues lineup for Bournefest 2023.