Check out the rave reviews for "Operator" by Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast

“The 60s gave us a lot of good things, and a tasty portion of them can be heard in this glossy, insistent ear worm from rising rock n’ soul group CK&TB – complete with psychedelic undertones and a call-centre take on ye olde ‘caught-my-man-cheating’ narrative.” – Classic Rock Magazine / Louder Sound

Raised in New York and now living in North Carolina, front woman Caitlin reflects her multi-state trajectory in Operator’s bright, Motown-y combination of sass, pace, and polish, dripping with hooky guitar jibes and lead lines. Rock’n’roll with a beehive. Catch them on tour in the UK with Robert John & The Wreck in September.” – Classic Rock Magazine / Louder Sound

“You really can hear Caitlin Krisko’s history in this excellent single. Born in Detroit, raised in New York City and currently living in, North Carolina, ‘Operator’ has all sorts of New York strut, Detroit muscle and NC funk embedded in the grooves.” – Music, 4-Stars

“The single is released as a mark of being picked to play support to Robert Jon & The Wreck this autumn and it really works as a punchy and enjoyable introduction to the band.” – Music, 4-Stars

“Krisko delivers a rockstar performance with swagger and soul to spare on Operator.” – Rock and Blues Muse

“With modern production and an infectious groove, the song tells the story of a woman who finds her partner has been hiding another relationship across town, then calls the operator to connect with her partner’s other victim to join forces for revenge.” – Rock and Blues Muse

“Operator” is a revved-up slice of quick, hard funk that’s an absolute gem from beginning to end.” – Rock and Blues Muse

“Krisko has a clear, outsized voice and an emphatic style that lures you in quickly and makes you want to hang out and listen.” – Rock and Blues Muse

“Her band, The Broadcast, gets down with a nimble authority that supplies Krisko with all the fuel she needs to put her spirit on shout and turn this number into a soul-drenched hurricane.” – Rock and Blues Muse

The song’s accompanying music video is stylish, fun, and memorable, adding to the impact of this already-blazing tune.”  – Rock and Blues Muse

Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast are a high-powered, good time machine and we should all be listening. What are you waiting for?” – Rock and Blues Muse